Charity Engine to receive EU science funding

News - March 9, 2012

We are proud to be a part of the International Desktop Grid Federation (IDGF), and also the FP7-supported IDGF Support Project.

In simple terms; Charity Engine supports the EU grid and its scientists, the EU supports Charity Engine with $100,000 of funding.

Announcing a very cool first user: Datafiniti

News - March 1, 2012

Why so cool? Because of what our global grid and Datafiniti's distributed web-crawler can do together. The Internet is so huge, the only thing that can really index it is the Internet itself.

See the first coverage of the announcement here on The Next Web.

$1000 - Prize winner: Matthew Bibby

Prize Winner - February 3, 2012

I'm a single father of three kids (all under 10) and I work full time from home as an eLearning developer. I've often thought about giving more to charity but have never been able to find the cash. However, thanks to Charity Engine, I can now use my ridiculously powerful computer to raise money for charity when it's not tied up processing videos and the like.

The prize winnings will be used to replenish my emergency fund... which I know may not sound exciting for many, but it is by far the best option for me! One never knows what's around the corner.

$1000 - Prize winner: Josh Hudson

Prize Winner - February 3, 2012

I currently work as Sales Manager for a local IT firm and have been here for about 12 years. My favourite things to do in my spare time include playing guitar, watching my daughters play Ringette in the winter, playing Ultimate Disc, myself, in the summer, and reading. I really like the idea of projects like Charity Engine using spare computing resources to help those in the world that can use it. I ran SETI@home for years and, when I heard about Charity Engine's work, I jumped on board.

As for the cash, I'm not sure exactly where it will all go. I accidentally smashed my TV with my vacuum cleaner over the holidays (long story), so at least a small amount will go towards the replacement, I suppose.