Charity Engine, world's greenest grid?

News - March 15, 2012

Just published by International Science Grid This Week (, article about the unexpected bonus of using a volunteer grid like Charity Engine: it can be the most energy-efficient way to do computing.

The Greenest Volunteer Grid Of Them All? - ScienceNode

Press - March 14, 2012

"Last week, we brought you seven innovative ways to cool a scientific computer. Now, we've been informed that there's an eighth one known as the Charity Engine.

It stays cool by automatically shifting data processing to computers in the coldest parts of the globe, reducing the overall heat generated globally."

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Charity Engine to receive EU science funding

News - March 9, 2012

We are proud to be a part of the International Desktop Grid Federation (IDGF), and also the FP7-supported IDGF Support Project.

In simple terms; Charity Engine supports the EU grid and its scientists, the EU supports Charity Engine with $100,000 of funding.

Announcing a very cool first user: Datafiniti

News - March 1, 2012

Why so cool? Because of what our global grid and Datafiniti's distributed web-crawler can do together. The Internet is so huge, the only thing that can really index it is the Internet itself.

See the first coverage of the announcement here on The Next Web.