We're part of ISC Cloud 2013

News - August 22, 2013

This year’s ISC Cloud will take place on 23 and 24 September at the Marriott Hotel in Heidelberg, with Charity Engine speaking about what we've learned so far.

The conference brings together developers, users, managers and decision makers from industry and research, to find out about the newest trends in Cloud Computing, and participate in intensive and valuable discussions.

The event will address currently popular topics such as High Performance Computing (HPC) as a service, digital manufacturing in the Cloud, industrial and scientific application software in the Cloud, new software licence models, security in the Cloud, computing power and data protection.

Keynotes will be presented by experienced cloud computing practitioners. The program also offers various case studies from industrial and scientific domains. Attendees will also benefit from a tutorial entitled “Building your Cloud for HPC, here and now, in 3 hours!, practical work, and the ISC famous get-together party. Program and registration details are available at

See you there! 

Yes, our logo is a pink and yellow flame. This is why:

Blog - August 19, 2013 by Mark McA

Charity Engine started long before Charity Engine started. In other words; researching how to create it, partnering with the charities, legal work and due diligence took the best part of two years before the website even existed.


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Why we quit Facebook - the full story

Blog - August 10, 2013 by Mark McA

In January 2010 we set up a Facebook fan page for Charity Engine, our free PC app that constantly earns money for top charities – and cash prizes for the users – all thanks to spare computing time that otherwise goes to waste. The app was still a long way from being released but, as Facebook had recently introduced vanity URLs, we figured we'd better grab while we could. Bad idea...

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Charity Engine chosen by Accelerate 2013!

Press - June 26, 2013

We're proud and humbled to have been chosen as one of the Accelerate 2013 top 250 UK companies. In their words: