$1000 - William Ribbens

Prize Winner - February 7, 2017

I work as a software developer for an auto company.  I'm married, no kids but several pets.  I'm passionate about science, technology, outer space, the environment, and animals.  I'd like to thank the team at Charity Engine and all who participate.

I've been participating in distributed computing since SETI@home was released.  Later I began using BOINC and joined the Einstein@Home project.  I liked the Charity Engine variation of distributed computing and switched to their client.  Hopefully it gets even more people involved.  You really can get lucky and win while helping!


News - February 2, 2017

The winning ticket was 17105865*, owned by User #0349. Congratulations to William Ribbens, who has just won $1000!

Gauge is already counting towards the next draw, see you then!

(*Hang Seng was closed for Chinese New Year and so did not contribute to the random number generation for this draw)

Draw date chosen!

News - January 29, 2017

List is confirmed and final, the Prize Draw will commence on Monday 30th.

Good luck everyone!

Time for another Prize Draw!

News - January 26, 2017

The gauge is on 100% again, so it's time for another Charity Engine prize draw!

You know the drill; check your numbers here (must be logged in) and make sure they match the official List of Entries here.

Any mistakes must be reported within 48 hours, then the List is final and we pick a day for the draw!

Big data (and volunteers) help scientists solve hundreds of protein puzzles - Geekwire

Press - January 20, 2017

"Baker paid special tribute to the contributions of Rosetta@Home and Charity Engine volunteers, who are acknowledged in the Science paper. “Their contributions were absolutely essential, not only to this paper but to a large fraction of work they’ve done over the years,” he said." - Geekwire