December draw date chosen!

News - December 4, 2014

Hi folks,

The gauge is at 100% again, so you know what that means!

You can see your prize draw entries here and on the List of Entries here.

The List is now final and the draw begins tomorrow, Monday Dec 8th.

Good luck!


$1000 - Caleb Marhoover

Prize Winner - October 15, 2014

I am constantly curious, but not entirely sure whether I'm an overt optimist, or simply stubborn. A student of both the arts and sciences, my work synthesizes quantitative and qualitative inquiries into a holistic line of questioning about the nature of the world and my place within it. 

I hold a BFA from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and will soon graduate from the University of Cincinnati with a BS in Geology.

A Better World, Effortlessly

Press - October 6, 2014

Award-winning science blogger and astrophysicist Dr Ethan Siegel gives his take on Charity Engine. 

We enjoy his writing so much, we asked Ethan to be one of our science advisors - and he said yes! If you love all things space and physics-related as well - or know someone who does - then just check out his awe-inspiring blog "Starts With A Bang". One of the best on the net!


News - September 29, 2014

The gauge is at 100%, the official List of Entries is final and this Prize Draw is now complete.

The winning number is 11455216, so congratulations to User #0314, Steve Manister, who has just won $1000 for having the Charity Engine app running on his PC. Thanks for your support, Steve! 

The countdown to the next draw has already started, see you next time!

The Power of Charity for Protein Design - University of Washington

Press - August 16, 2014

We always donate some computing to science, and Rosetta@home is one of the most worthwhile medical research projects out there.

So we sent them 125,000 new users...!