2nd beta test prize announced!

News - November 22, 2011

If Charity Engine is working on your PC between Nov 22 - Nov 30, you will be in the draw to win an brand new iPad2 AND an iPhone 4S, delivered straight to your door (or the cash equivalent). Good luck - and thanks for your support!

First beta test prize winner selected!

News - November 3, 2011

When the Dow Jones picked his number at random, NiiObilite Harper of Minnesota, USA, won $1000 cash for being one of the first to download and test Charity Engine. Congratulations to NiiObilite, and thank you to our beta testers!

$1000 - Jackpot winner: NiiObilite Harper

Prize Winner - October 10, 2011

Amnesty and Oxfam have joined Charity Engine!

News - September 1, 2011

As they are two of the most effective, efficient and respected charities in the world, we're proud to announce exclusive partnerships with Amnesty and Oxfam. These guys are out there right now, in some of the worst places on Earth, saving countless innocent people from desperate suffering. They deserve our total support - and we are honoured by theirs.

Stay tuned: Beta testing underway!

News - July 31, 2011

Charity Engine must be perfect, so we will test it and test it again until we are confident that everyone can use it without any problem. Private beta testing first, then public beta, then we go live to the world. All beta testers will have the chance to win at least $1,000 in the test prize draws.