News - September 25, 2019

List is final, draw begins Friday 27th.


Good luck!

List of Entries is live!

News - September 19, 2019

Gauge is on 100%, time for another prize draw!

As always, check your own numbers here and match them to the List of Entries here.

Any mistakes must be reported within 48 hours, then the List is final and we select the draw date.

Good luck everyone!

Mathematicians find a completely new way to write the number 3 - New Scientist

Press - September 18, 2019

Third time’s a charm: just weeks after cracking an elusive problem involving the number 42, mathematicians have found a solution to an even harder problem for the number 3.

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Mathematicians No Longer Stumped by the Number 3 - Gizmodo

Press - September 18, 2019

“For computational number theorists like me, having access to this kind of computational power is like giving an astronomer a new telescope that is 100 times more powerful than any that existed before,” Sutherland said. “There is no telling what you’ll see when you point it at what you thought was a dark patch of the sky.”

Unlocked, the secret of 42 (but not life, the universe and everything): Experts finally crack complicated maths riddle after 65 years - Daily Mail

Press - September 9, 2019

"Professor Andrew Booker enlisted the help of MIT maths professor Andrew Sutherland, and they used Charity Engine – which uses power from more than 500,000 home computers while they are lying idle."


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