The Million Core-Hour Challenge!

Press - February 13, 2015

As seen in HPCwire and International Science Grid This Week, we are giving away four million core-hours of computing to the most worthwhile projects that contact us before midnight Feb 17th!

Any project, team, company, or individual may enter. All applications must use open-source software (or their own software, which can be ported for a fee) and be ethically sound.

Three overall winners will receive a million core-hours each, on up to 50,000 nodes, and can use them in any time frame from 48 hours to one month.

Furthermore, ten runners-up will each be awarded 100,000 core-hours of computing and all entrants will receive a 50% discount code towards their first purchase of run time on the Charity Engine grid (max 10M core-hours, terms and conditions apply). 

To enter, just tell us about your project here. If we like it, you will win the computing.

Good luck!