News - May 28, 2021

Winning ticket is #20152219 owned by User 0252.

Congratulations Josh Deling, you're now $1000 richer just for running Charity Engine on your PC!

Gauge never stops counting, see you at the next draw...

Draw date chosen!

News - May 25, 2021

List is confirmed and final, draw begins Weds 26th.

Good luck everyone!

Powering Stephen Wolfram's huge research project

News - May 19, 2021

Charity Engine is delighted to assist Stephen Wolfram with this groudbreaking project, attempting to solve a 100-year old question that has been described as a "Holy Grail" in mathematics; Emil Post's 'Problem of Tag"

Over a quintillion computations so far, and we're just getting started... 

List of Entries is live!

News - May 19, 2021

You know the drill, folks! List of Entries is here, please confirm your own entries are correct here.

Any mistakes must be reported within 48 hours, then the List is final and we set the draw date.

Good luck everyone!

News - March 24, 2021

After cracking the 'sum of cubes' puzzle for 42, researchers discover a new solution for 3...

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