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Project NameInstitutionsCategoryCore Hours*Est. AWS cost**
Rosetta@homeUniversity of WashingtonBiology151,401,721$1,604,858
World Community GridIBM Corporate CitizenshipMedical, environmental and other humanitarian research110,040,079$1,166,425
NumberFields@homeArizona State University, school of MathematicsMathematics103,587,939$1,098,032
Amicable NumbersIndependentMathematics95,675,282$1,014,158
NFS@HomeCalifornia State University FullertonMathematics93,958,227$995,957
MoreShow top 5 projects only441,887,898$4,684,012
Total Contributions996,551,146$10,563,442
  • *runtime reported in units generally equivalent to a single vCPU on an AWS c5.large instance
  • **estimated cost of equivalent capacity, using AWS c5.large instances (2 vCPUs), at spot rate: $0.0212/hr (updated 29 Sep 2020). Data transfer and data storage costs are not included, though such costs would in many cases be considerable.

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