• 1,000,000+ CPU cores
  • 100,000+ GPUs
  • > 2 Petabyte of Storage
  • 500,000+ IP addresses
* Subject to availability. All resources are accessible to native Windows apps, and large numbers to Linux apps and containers. Capacity varies according to normal daily, weekly, and monthly internet usage cycles. Windows and Linux native applications and GPU computing require custom arrangements. Contact Us. Last updated 2020-05-26

Everything you need

  • Computing

    A wide range of standard instances - generally 50% the cost of AWS or better.

    Our integrated batch scheduler matches jobs to available resources: your input files and application container are all that's needed.
  • Software

    Run any Docker container from Docker Hub or any hosted private resource1; or select from a range of proprietary apps via the CE AppStore - featuring Wolfram Engine.
  • Storage

    Our distributed network provides a high ratio of processors-to-bytes-stored, creating unique opportunities for large datasets: lightning-fast search, compute-intensive processing, analytics, and more.
  • Smart web crawling

    The internet is your database: search and collect data across the web using 500K+ IP addresses. Then use our distributed computing power to process data "at the edges" and return only the results you need.
  • Blockchain

    Develop compute- and storage-intensive smart contracts, in any programming language, incorporating real-world data from anywhere on the internet.
1 Subject to tech specs of compute instances available/used.

Powerful and easy-to-use interfaces for all services:

Web UI, API, CLI, Dapp, Smart Contract

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