Why no point on dashboard?

Alex Ma ID: 8085228 Posts: 3
19 Sep 2023 05:51 PM

I use boinc manager and client. I've finished many ce22 tasks and suspended other scientific projects --- just want to help earn money for Charityengine and "charities" . However, I find no point reflected on the dashboard for ce22 tasks done even the boinc manager have shown a changed score in the "Work done". Why?

Matt ID: 44 Posts: 293
26 Sep 2023 08:31 PM

We see a lot of points in your account -- can you check again (maybe the issue resolved itself)?

Alex Ma ID: 8085228 Posts: 3
27 Sep 2023 10:53 AM

"Total points since joining" stands still, 48229. "Total points - this jackpot" stands still, 1160.  Even if you've done lots of work, the number of points doesn't change. In the "My Computers" list, the sum of points of all computers isn't equal to "Total points since joining". Maybe a little bug?

Tristan Olive ID: 22 Posts: 383
12 Oct 2023 05:20 PM

Thanks for this report, Alex. There was indeed a problem with points from ce22 making their way into the totals on your dashboard. These points have been saved up for a number of weeks for you, so you should see a big spike now that the problem has been fixed and they have been released. Thank you for your patience as we worked on resolving it.