Task deadline vs Progress Rate

Eva Leong ID: 8361063 Posts: 2
04 Apr 2023 05:50 AM

I'm a new volunteer and so far have received 2 tasks from Charity Engine. Is it normal for the report deadline to be much shorter than the estimated completion?

Currently, the task I have has a deadline of 5 hours from Received Time but my Progress Rate is 4.320% / hour. Is this normal?

What do I do to meet the report deadline? The previous task I had was completed many hours past the deadline.

Edit to add: I notice that whenever I shut down my lappie in midst of task and turn it on the following day, my task resets at 0. Pretty sure it's the same task based on the the timestamp :/

Matt ID: 44 Posts: 293
05 Apr 2023 07:04 PM

That app (CE11) is a long-running task; progress is roughly estimated as a 24 hour job.  (Actual runtime per task may be somewhat longer or shorter).  

We use deadlines as a broad measure to set priority.  These tasks, being long-running, will almost always exceed that; but work completed after the deadline does earn credits.

(I see credits in your account, so seems all is processing correctly - but please advise if you think otherwise)

Eva Leong ID: 8361063 Posts: 2
07 Apr 2023 01:40 PM

Thanks for the explanation, Matt. :) So far, yes it seems to be tracking work done for the project though when I click on Task Properties, my report deadline is still 3 April 2023.

My lappie has not yet been left on long enough for the bar to reach 100% for this task.