Progress appears frozen...

Don Peterson ID: 7203800 Posts: 1
14 Jul 2021 08:20 PM

Hello Charity Engine forum,

I am a new user and have a question about a workscope that appears to be "stuck".  The task (ce11) had an initial run time of approximately 20 hours and my workstation chewed through it at about 3% - 4% per hour.  Progress readouts plateaued at 97% complete /~45 minutes remaining / 1591 units workdone although my workstation has been devoting resources to the problem for the last ~8 hours. 

Is the task adding more scope, looping, or am I not understanding something else (likely)?  I'd appreciate any feedback you can provide.


Tristan Olive ID: 22 Posts: 346
21 Jul 2021 05:02 AM

Hi Don, has this improved at all from your perspective? You were earning points, at least. The ce11 task is a low-CPU background task and manages other small jobs, so you will not typically see it crunching through work quite the same as other tasks. Normally it will complete and be replaced by a new task, even if stuck for a bit. 8 hours does seem a bit long to be at 97%, though.