Tasks only run at "0.0001 CPU"

Barabbas ID: 7095820 Posts: 1
14 Mar 2021 09:15 PM



I've check all my configuration set to 80% max CPUs/usage. All Charity Engine tasks have a status of "Running (0.001 CPUs)". How do I get it to run at 1.0000 CPU?

Tristan Olive ID: 22 Posts: 303
17 Mar 2021 04:06 PM

Hi Barabbas -- the Charity Engine task that you see running at 0.001 CPUs is specially configured to run that way, as it does not need significant CPU power. Instead, other tasks will run alongside it that can make use of the CPU. So long as you are getting other tasks (which could be from public research projects, such as Rosetta, World Community Grid, ClimatePrediction, or others), it would appear things are running as they should be.

You should be seeing points awarded for this low-CPU Charity Engine task, too.