Cosmology and LHC Won't Get New Tasks

Graham Jenkins ID: 1626 Posts: 92
30 Nov 2020 09:53 PM

I noticed today that the my aging Xeon D-1540 machine with 1G of memory will no longer get new tasks. Rosetta is still getting tasks.

So I'm guessing the minimal size of available tasks has increased?

Matt ID: 44 Posts: 233
02 Dec 2020 09:28 PM

Workloads for those projects come from the projects, so they do change from time to time.

Having said that, Cosmology has routinely run out of work (a sign they might not need our help as much as others), so we'll shorly be moving hosts attached to there to another public science project.  And I think the replacement needs only 512MB, as it turns out.  Stay tuned...

Graham Jenkins ID: 1626 Posts: 92
27 Dec 2020 06:02 AM

Any progress with the replacement project yet??