Cannot remove projects

Konstantinos Chaviaras ID: 6568612 Posts: 4
05 May 2020 06:49 PM

Hello, at the Project Commands the "Remove" button is gray, I cannot press it! Add I am getting the notice:
Rosetta@home: Notice from Charity Engine
This project is using an old URL. When convenient, remove the project, then add

Tristan Olive ID: 22 Posts: 380
29 May 2020 03:13 AM

The URL for Rosetta has been updated. This should automatically be corrected on its own during the next sync with Charity Engine. You can also manually start this process by using the Tools -> Synchronize with Charity Engine option in the menu of the CE desktop software.

Hope this fixes it for you!

Konstantinos Chaviaras ID: 6568612 Posts: 4
29 May 2020 05:37 AM

Problem solved! Thank you!