How can I update my stats?

Horvi ID: 6570414 Posts: 1
02 Feb 2020 11:44 AM

My stats stays 0, the program was running for 24hours.

Tristan Olive ID: 22 Posts: 383
10 Feb 2020 09:21 PM

It can take some time for points to start accumulating, depending on how often your computer is running and doing work in the background. I can see that your account is attached to multiple projects and that it has work in progress for them, so you should see points any day now, once work is completed and verified.

Thanks for your patience while we looked into this. It's taking a bit long for points to show up, but all is working properly!

Ricardo González ID: 6590200 Posts: 2
12 Mar 2020 09:14 PM

Hello, I have the same doubt about it, this is my first time trying this type of program / project. I don't really know how it works exactly. I already created an account in Charity Engine and BOINC but at the moment I don't have any score or id in my account. I do not know how to get the id or how the account is linked to the BOINC program, currently I have installed both programs but in neither of them does it count the numbers that it has completed with the main page, can someone answer me how the account is linked?

Tristan Olive ID: 22 Posts: 383
13 Mar 2020 03:11 PM

Hi Ricardo -- It can take a few days for points to first show up, so if you give it time that should be all it takes. Installing BOINC is not necessary if you are using Windows and you don't have to do anything more to link your account or the like.

It looks like your computer is attached correctly to Charity Engine. Do you see the flame icon at the bottom right corner of your screen, in the system tray? (You might have to click the arrow to show hidden icons).

Ricardo González ID: 6590200 Posts: 2
13 Mar 2020 04:25 PM

Currently I have BOINC installed with charity engine projects, I really do not know if it is working correctly, I currently have 1736 jobs done with clarity engine but at the moment I do not know how they are updated with my profile.


Tristan Olive ID: 22 Posts: 383
14 Mar 2020 10:40 AM

The "Work done" listed in your second screenshot shows you how many points you have earned per project, so you should see that showing up soon here on the website on your account dashboard. 

The points for Rosetta will not be included here, though, because you attached to that project manually using a different account. Only projects that are attached automatically by the account manager can count toward your total here in your Charity Engine account.

(Note that it is perfectly ok to attach to projects of your choice in this way, but since they are attached using a different user account, they do not count toward the jackpot drawing).

entity ID: 7097150 Posts: 29
14 May 2021 12:51 PM

When and how often does the dashboard update. I have been running for over 24 hours and the dashboard still shows 0. I see points be awarded in the individual project so work is being returned and validated at the project but doesn't show up in CE.

Tristan Olive ID: 22 Posts: 383
19 May 2021 03:12 AM

Stats generally update every 24 hours. We're looking into the issue you're seeing in the Total points = 0 thread, as it is not normal for points that are showing up as awarded by projects to not show up in your total after 24 hours.