CE synchronization is working badly.

Adam Radocz ID: 22746 Posts: 74
16 Sep 2016 09:51 AM


I moved to an another computer, and before I backed up eveything I set the rosetta project to won't get new tasks.

On my my new PC, after the automatic syncronization or I use the Synchronize with Charity Engine in the Tools menu, the CE everytime sets the rosetta@home project to won't get new task. I can't update that settings, therefore everyday I have to set back to get new tasks, and it's really annoying.

I tried to reset the project, but it won't helped.

Do you have any advice?


Mark McA ID: 179 Posts: 224
16 Sep 2016 01:20 PM

Hi Adam,

By pure coincidence, you've done this just as we've retired Rosetta for the time being. We're too big for any one project now, and can overload them unless we throttle back - which gets very complicated. Also, it's about time we donated some surplus to other projects.

Currently testing likely candidates, only we must be sure they are super stable before adding them. Over 99% of our users are not BOINC users, not techie, and will not tolerate any PC issues from unstable tasks.



Adam Radocz ID: 22746 Posts: 74
16 Sep 2016 03:04 PM

OK, thanks!

Have you considerd the World Community Grid? They have the resources to handle your workload and their projects also super stable and humanitarian.

DocH ID: 526372 Posts: 77
09 Oct 2016 10:23 PM

I agree with Adam R......I have WCG running on Our cell phones, and right now they are working on Zika and Ebola projects.

Just a thought...