Unable to log in on login window

idahofisherman ID: 981 Posts: 5
04 Sep 2015 12:44 AM

When I go to the login window, my correct email address and password are automatically inserted.  clicking on login button causes an error screen to appear stating the there is no such email address register.   If I go to help, a screen appears with my correct account info and says that I am  logged in.   theres a bug somewhere.

Mark McA ID: 179 Posts: 210
09 Oct 2015 02:09 PM


Thanks for reporting this! We've looked into it and found the cause, should be fixed very soon.



idahofisherman ID: 981 Posts: 5
09 Oct 2015 07:24 PM

Thanks!  It was frustratiing/

bjm ID: 709571 Posts: 4
19 Jan 2016 08:58 PM

Hello! The same thing happens EVERY time I use highlight the CE Project and click the "Home Page" button in the left column of the Projects window/tab under the "Project web pages" section, whether I use CE or BOINC account manager. It links to URL:


which then redirectes to URL: http://work.charityengine.com//login_action.php

where it remembers my email address and password from the first time I thought it was a legitimate login page.

Logging in brings up the message:

"No such account

No account with email address [my email address] exists. Please go back and try again. Copyright © 2016. All rights reserved."

Browser = Firefox 43.0.4 Account Manager: CE version 7.0.76 (x86) c2003-2013 or BOINC version 7.6.22 (x86_64) c2015

Oddly enough, as idahofisherman mentioned, clicking "My account" in the Projects page left column or the Help menu's "Charity Engine website" goes to CE.com's "Home" page for my account, automatically logging in with my CE# and boincCPID# in the URL. On my account page, what does the ? question mark left of my computer name mean and why does it show zero points so far (both total and daily average) when it says Work Ration 101.9%?

Today I got an Error NOTICE from CE.com that states:

"Message from account manager: can't resolve hostname" what does this mean? Is there something I can do to fix this?

I have also had 3 CE Notices show up every time at CE startup: all 3 start with Unrecognized tag in cc_config.xml:  1= <dont_suspend_nci> 2= <dont_use_vbox> 3=<max_event_log_lines> These are all listed in BOINC's wiki:


they seem normal for my setup so I've been ignoring them.  The hostname error may explain why my points aren't showing up since I started boincing for CE with my assigned CEnumberID/email instead of my previous/usual boincID/email.

Using CE loginID for CEprojects: CE,PrimeGrid,Rosetta,FiND with NO teams and using old BOINC login for over a dozen other boinc projects with or without teams. Is this the reason for the hostname error notice?

Hope you fix these bugs soon! Cheers!