GPU computation errors

rwh202 ID: 2552 Posts: 8
04 Jan 2014 03:42 PM


I downloaded the CharityEngine boinc client to a couple of PCs running Win7 64 bit and both give compuation errors almost instantly on any GPU WU.

One has an nvidia GTX 770 with driver 327 and the other has a pair of GTX 660 ti still on driver 320.

Both machines were previously folding successfully, but just thought I'd give them a change of scenery - is there something I'm missing or are these cards incompatable at the moment?

Thanks, Rob

Jo1252 ID: 1311 Posts: 81
05 Jan 2014 10:06 PM

that is strange, is there an antivirus/antimalware blocking the software?

Try to disable it and see if it changes anything. There were reports of security software blocking the applications. Try also by disabling the firewall if you have any, might seem a little counter intuitive, but in the past I was getting a lot of firewall popup before setting it correctly.

Is your windows up to date? I'm not really following Nvidia drivers, are they both the latest version ? If not, try to update them. Do you have all the correct drivers in your system ?

You say they give computation error, but do you have errors or bugs on your systems? Do you have BSOD ? system hang, hiccups,etc ?

Those cards might be incompatible, I'm not an admin and my main rig is pure AMD, which is supported. Let's see if any member of CE can confirm those cards are compatible


rwh202 ID: 2552 Posts: 8
06 Jan 2014 06:45 PM

Hi, thanks for the ideas.

There is no anti-virus (probably not a great idea, but I do regular fresh windows installs) and windows is kept up to date.

The systems otherwise perform fine - no overclocks and never seen BSOD etc on them. They happily run other DC projects. Just to check, I've got them running PrimeGrid (cuda) and milkyway (OpenCL) just to see if BOINC was the problem (they were previously folding using cuda and opencl), but they seem to complete tasks OK. It's just the CE cuda_gtx650 apps that fail.

I'll play around with newer drivers shortly, but I know newer drivers will slow down OpenCL, so I'd rather hold off for now.

Cheers, Rob


Rytis Slatkevičius ID: 195 Posts: 56
10 Jan 2014 07:53 AM


the cards should be compatible. What is probably missing in your computers is Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package which is a standard component required for a lot of applications.

Could you try installing this download from Microsoft and letting us know if it works?

rwh202 ID: 2552 Posts: 8
10 Jan 2014 05:49 PM


Installed the visual c++ redistributable and now crunching away on the GPU. Thanks for your assistance.