Account Names of projects added by CE

philip-in-hongkong ID: 882 Posts: 3
14 Apr 2013 03:52 PM
I have just installed CE.  Before install, several projects are running.  After install, 4 new projects were added by CE:, Einstein@Home, Charity Engine and  I know that subsequent credits will not be added to my existing account.  However, I note these four projects have different account names: and Charity Engine have the same CE generated account name "ce3731".  But has the same account name as my other account name in, and Einstein@home has no account name displayed at all.
I just saw that credits earned in through CE showed up in CE My Stat page.  Perhaps the others will be as well.  But is it possible to assign the same CE account name "ce3731" for all CE added BOINC projects?  I want, hopefully, the BOINC stats site could capture one single name for all my CE projects indeed of many.  
Jonathan Brier ID: 159 Posts: 112
15 Apr 2013 03:14 PM

Hello Philip-in-hongkong,

Were you a BOINC user before joining Charity Engine and a participant in and Einstein@home?

If you were a former BOINC user and did not delete the BOINC directory after uninstalling the BOINC software (it does not fully clean up after itself to facilitate upgrades) before installing Charity Engine the old accounts will be detected an used instead of the accounts created by Charity Engine.

I believe they all should should your ceXXXX user number, but I will verify this and post back.

philip-in-hongkong ID: 882 Posts: 3
15 Apr 2013 05:13 PM

I participated both projects before joining CE.  Instead I also participated in as well.  But they are not running on this PC.  I checked Free-DC. My account name has two cross-project identifiers.  One of which contains the CE added project  I do not think that they get the ceXXXX number.