Zombie minirosetta processes blowing up memory

Mark J. Rondeau ID: 1824 Posts: 2
21 Feb 2013 01:42 AM

Hi I'm using the current CE version 6.8.42 on Windows 7 SP1 and getting many low memory warnings that are related to  zombie minirosetta processes that lock up to 250MB each.  It's a little boring constantly killing these things by hand.  Any suggestions?  Thanking you in advance.

Jonathan Brier ID: 159 Posts: 112
21 Feb 2013 02:44 AM

Hi Mark,

We have been trying to track down the cause of the rosetta apps not leaving memory... this was a reason why we disconnected for a while.  We reeneabled ot solve another issue.  This has been reported a few times, but we have not been able to pinpoint the cause yet.

We could use your help investigating a fix as we are unable to reproduce this behavior locally so far.

Send us a message with a link to this forum topic via the Contact Us form so we can get some files from you. (I'll reply via email as soon as possible)

We are interested in the contents of the BOINC data folder: C:\ProgramData\BOINC Making a copy of this folder and saving for attaching to my email reply would be appreciated.

Also if you could let us know if you run any antivirus Norton 360, McAfee, etc and if you run a 3rd party firewall such as Norton 360, ZoneAlarm etc let us know in the contact us form.

After sending us a copy of the contents of the folder please try uninstalling Charity  Engine and installing the latest version of BOINC 7.0.28 (the underlying software that powers Charity Engine) to verify that this resolves the issue as has been reported by some users. If installing the latest BOINC solves the minirosetta memory issue for you please let us know as that would likely be the version we upgrade our software to next. 

Note: Charity Engine's branding nor custom screensaver will not be visible with the BOINC install, but it will operate otherwise the same.

If the the BOINC install does not solve the issue you can suspend rosetta@home project manually and let us know if you had to manually suspend rosetta@home.

Note: if you return to the Charity Engine installer after installing BOINC you need to uninstall BOINC 7.0, then delete client_state.xml and client_state_prev.xml from your BOINC Data directory (the BOINC Data folder indicated above).

Thank you for participating in Chariyt Engine.  We are working to make participation in Charity Engine as easy and least disruptive as possible.

Nicholas Goss ID: 57 Posts: 41
21 Feb 2013 04:40 AM

Just curious, but were you a BOINC user before you switched to CharityEngine? I was wondering because I am also having the memory issue and I was previously a BOINC user. Just a hypothesis, but it might be possible something is being overlooked in the process of switching from the BOINC to CharityEngine client for the Rosetta@home project.

Jonathan Brier ID: 159 Posts: 112
21 Feb 2013 05:09 AM

Yes, the prior BOINC participation is of interest.  Mark did you use BOINC before Charity Engine?

Nicolas, could you try the same as outlined above and report back.  

I do not see any response about trying the BOINC client or to Matt's question about your process... in the discussion at http://www.charityengine.com/forum/show-topic/1109#comment-590.

Matt ID: 44 Posts: 293
21 Feb 2013 05:51 AM

Btw, we've removed Rosetta again.  

Still -- everyone's help with information (*as described by Jon above), to help us to help the Rosetta team get to the bottom of these issues, is much appreciated -- They do great work and it'd be nice to be able to add them again in the future...

Mark J. Rondeau ID: 1824 Posts: 2
21 Feb 2013 04:25 PM

I haven't used BOINC before on this computer.  I am running a Norton firewall. Will send you folks the BOINC folder.