MaryAnn ID: 1943 Posts: 3
28 Aug 2012 08:51 AM

Hi, I seem to be having a problem.It says Total points - since joining: 10,766 yet I have  Total Points, this period 0 and it was the same for the last period.


Can you please help and tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

I am using Charity Engine for the following:



And I have tried to add my Rosetta@home but it does not load.

Simon ID: 1264 Posts: 45
28 Aug 2012 03:41 PM

I have 0 points in the last jackpot. I am ever more uninspired and feel ever more uneasy. The website is not clear and I can't find information I want it it all looks like maybe it is not working. This will not encourage support for the project.

Jonathan Brier ID: 159 Posts: 112
28 Aug 2012 07:09 PM

Hi MaryAnn,

Once you join Charity Engine we manage attaching and removing projects like rosetta@home automatically so you need not concern yourself with addint rosetta@home.  It is currently removed to provide the best experience for participants as we were recieving reports of it using too much memory.

As for points this period.  We reset the points to zero once we reach 100%... or that is the last I know.  Sometimes I'm not in the loop. :)


MaryAnn and Simon, I can take a closer look at your account if you submit a message to our contact form with the email for your account.

Jonathan Brier ID: 159 Posts: 112
29 Aug 2012 02:28 AM

Once we start the next round and you give our systems a week to process the new credits if you still see 0 we can take a closer look.

MaryAnn ID: 1943 Posts: 3
29 Aug 2012 02:34 AM



Thanks for looking in to it for me. However, when you start the next round that will make it 2 rounds that I have had no credits.


Mark McA ID: 179 Posts: 224
31 Aug 2012 12:21 AM

Hey guys,

Occasionally, someone's PC may not be earning prize draw entries because of a problem with that particular machine or installation. That's why we do this check, to locate any issues and resolve them.

Rest assured, Charity Engine is working fine for literally 99.5% of all users (otherwise we'd have 100s of people telling us otherwise). 

Tristan Olive ID: 22 Posts: 384
31 Aug 2012 12:26 AM

MaryAnn and Simon, are prize draw entries not showing on your account Entry Numbers page? Both of you are on the drawing list.

Jonathan Brier ID: 159 Posts: 112
31 Aug 2012 01:11 AM

Update:  According to our developer... The new behavior for when we reach 100% should be that the accumulated drawing entries for that period should display until the winner is announced.  

The next round's work being processed is silently tracked until the winnner is announced then replaces the frozen entry value when the winner is announced.

"Total points - this jackpot" would be the value frozen on the Entry Numbers page until the winner is announced.

MaryAnn ID: 1943 Posts: 3
31 Aug 2012 01:40 AM


You are correct. I see under the prize entries my user number is showing on the drawing list. Thank you for that.

Up until yesterday they were not showing up. I asked to soon and will wait longer next time.

Thank for everyones help.