Where can I see my points?

Arthur Wardle ID: 3264 Posts: 2
21 Jul 2012 10:58 PM

Where can I see the on the software? I know you can see them on the Home screen here--but apperantly that hasn't updated because I've been running this thing a day and half now and it still registers at zero.

vm1990 ID: 2547 Posts: 16
22 Jul 2012 12:50 AM

Hi you can see them on the website like you said.. :) this should be updating as they have sorted most of the bugs out with it

or you can go into the CE program go into "advanced view" and it will be under "Projects"

also it might not have updated yet as tasks arnt just completed by you there completed by 2 or 3 people to confirm results so it can take a day or so for the tasks to register as completed on the servers, dont worry you still get points its basicly just to do a good old fashoned double check a bit like the saying "messure twice cut once" :D