Install location

Andrew Hancock ID: 2861 Posts: 5
25 May 2012 09:28 AM

Hi there,

I noticed that there was no "custom install" option during the installation procedure which was an annoyance because the software has default installed itself to my SSD which is pushed for space.

I saw your help page which suggested installing BOINC and manually attaching. If I am to do that would I still be eligible for the prize draws etc?

I realise you were "trying to keep things simple", but there are some users like myself who prefer to have the option of control.

Kind regards,


Jonathan Brier ID: 159 Posts: 112
25 May 2012 12:30 PM

Hi Andy,

We have how to install on an alternate drive in our wiki -

You still are eligible for prize draws when attaching via BOINC.  Thanks for joining!