Wrong Email at Registration?

Wrong Email at Registration?

If you made a mistake entering your email when registering, you could find yourself in a situation where you either can't login (if you can't remember the address you used), or you can't confirm your address (and so can't qualify for the prize draw).

The simplest thing to do is to just create a new account; no harm in leaving the account with the wrong address idle.

If You have not already installed the desktop software

...it's easy.  Just re-register with the correct address.  (And be sure to finish the process by downloading and installing Charity Engine Desktop.)

If you have already installed the desktop software

Then you have two options:

Uninstall / reinstall

You can uninstall your desktop software.  Then re-register, and download and install new desktop software.  Please note that in this case it is important to uninstall first (before you re-register).  And it is important that you download a new installer (don't use the one you got with your intitial installation.)  Or,

Register and Re-attach

Alternatively, you can re-register, and then attach your existing desktop software to the new account.  Here's how:

  1. Re-Register at the website
  2. You can cancel or delete the installer you get as part of registration
  3. Open your desktop software
  4. Click the "advanced view" button in the lower right
  5. In the menubar, select "advanced" then "stop using charity engine"
  6. In the menubar, select "tools", then "attach to account manager"
  7. Specify charityengine.com as account manager