Where are my credits?

Where are my credits?

Trying to figure out your stats?  This article answers some common questions, and explains what is shown where...

Common Questions and Problems

Did you just join? 

Credits take a few days to enter the Charity Engine system. They can be delayed, but they all get counted. 

Are you a BOINC user? 

Charity Engine automatically attaches users to a few public BOINC projects because we donate any spare capacity - and always at least 5% of the grid - to scientific and medical research. So...

If you were participating in any these projects prior to joining Charity Engine, then you have to make a choice about how your credits will be handled.

1. You can continue with your current setup of these projects, ie. don't do anything.  In this case you will not receive points towards the Charity Engine prize draws for work done in these projects. But you will receive credits/points for Charity Engine workunits.

2. You can disconnect from one or more of your previous BOINC projects, and let Charity Engine re-attach you to these. In this case, all work will earn you credits/points towards the prize draws but credits will no longer be reflected in your old BOINC account. (Also, you cannot at present login to the BOINC projects with your CE-generated account; and you cannot at present join BOINC teams with your CE-generated account.)

Finding stats on the website

The User Dashboard

This is the main screen you see after login.  (link)

This User Dashboard has three main bits of info:

  • Total points - this jackpot -- This is the number of entries you have earned in the current jackpot period, so will apply in the next prize draw.
  • Daily Average -- This figure estimates the number of credits you are earning per day.
  • Chart -- shows daily activity for your account.
  • Total points - since joining -- This is the total number of points you earned since creating your account.

The "More Stats" page

From the User Dashboard, if you click the "More" button, you get the More Stats page, which has further info about your contributions. (Note: Data on "More Stats" reflects activity in your account since Day One; it does not tell you your points earned for the upcoming or recently completed jackpots.)

My Account > Entry Numbers Tab

The Entry Numbers tab (Dashboard > Toolbox > My Account > Entry Numbers) shows you the points you earned towards the most recently closed jackpot.

When a Jackpot period closes, and you want to see how many entries you have, and what your entry numbers are, this is the place to check.  

Note that this tab will be empty when you first join.  When the first jackpot period ends, your stats for the period will appear. And then they will stay fixed, as a reference, until the next jackpot period closes. This is not the place to go to watch your progress...! (See User Dashboard and My Stats, described above, to watch progress.)

Stats in the desktop software

[to come]