Welcome BOINC Users!

Yes, just attach to '' as the account manager (not as a project), but please read this first!

Charity Engine automatically attaches users to a few public BOINC projects because we donate any spare capacity - and always at least 5% of the grid - to scientific and medical research. So...

If you were participating in any these projects prior to joining Charity Engine, then you have to make a choice about how your credits will be handled.

  1. You can continue with your current setup of these projects, ie. don't do anything. In this case you will not receive points towards the Charity Engine prize draws for work done in these projects. But you will receive credits/points for Charity Engine workunits.
  2. You can disconnect from one or more of your previous BOINC projects, and let Charity Engine re-attach you to these. In this case, all work will earn you credits/points towards the prize draws but credits will no longer be reflected in your old BOINC account. (Also, you cannot at present login to the BOINC projects with your CE-generated account; thus you cannot at present join BOINC teams with your CE-generated account.)