Installation Instructions for Linux Users

Installation Instructions for Linux Users

1) Install BOINC for your distribution

There is no customized version of the Charity Engine desktop application for Linux, but you can use any of the Linux versions of BOINC with our site.  Follow the instructions below appropriate for your distribution.

  • 7.10+ Ubuntu users: Click here.  When asked, please click 'yes' to install boinc-manager and boinc-client.
  • Other Ubuntu or Debian users: Install the boinc-manager and boinc-client packages through your favorite package manager.  (apt-get install boinc-manager boinc-client)
  • Gentoo users: Install the boinc package through your favorite package manager (emerge boinc)
  • All other users: Check your distribution and seeif BOINC is available.  If it is not, download it here and follow their instructions.

2) Connect Your BOINC Client to Charity Engine

  • Run BOINC Manager
Note: Upon first run, the Manager will launch an "Attach to Project" wizard. You must cancel this wizard.
  • Change to "Advanced View" by selecting the option in the View menu.
  • In the Tools menu, select "Use account manager...".  This will open a new window that asks you to choose an account manager
  • Clear out the URL in the "Account manager URL" field and instead enter:

  • Click "Next", then enter the email and password you used to register at Charity Engine.
  • That's it -- you should now be connected.


(Need Windows or Mac? Click here.)